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Former Wintersville resident Bonnie Harvey DiDomenico, who now lives in Virginia, is an avid reader who donated her collection of 675 books to the Public Library of Steubenville and Jefferson County. DiDomenico donated them to the Wintersville Woman’s Club that she was a member of which in turn gifted them to the library system as a community service project. The donation included 545 jazz CDs that belonged to her mother, the late Dorothy Jean Harvey.
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STEUBENVILLE — The Public Library of Steubenville and Jefferson County gets donations of books and items from time to time, but a recent one of quantity and quality made on behalf of the GFWC/OFWC Wintersville Woman’s Club is far from fiction, not to mention a Christmas gift of sorts with year-round appreciation appeal.

The giveaway required numerous trips and some physical commitment to bring from point A to point B the collection of 675 books belonging to former Wintersville resident Bonnie Harvey DiDomenico.

The 640 hardbacks and 35 paperbacks ultimately found a new home with the local library system.

And they came with a bonus, this one for listening enjoyment, not reading. The library became the new owner of a collection of jazz CDs to the tune of 545 items, ones that had belonged to DiDomenico’s mother, the late Dorothy Jean Harvey.

The how-this-happened details were shared by Suzy Crawford, a friend and fellow club member of the former area resident who relocated to Virginia to be with family. Crawford had helped clean out DiDomenico’s house.

“Bonnie and I discussed the books in May when I started cleaning out the house, and she and I thought it would be a good woman’s club project so she donated them to the club to gift to the library,” explained Crawford, who had a similar “wow” reaction as did Mike Gray, library director, when they saw the extent of the collection.

Although Crawford was surprised by the number of books that had accumulated, it was no secret that DiDomenico loved to read.

“Bonnie was an avid reader and always had a book with her everywhere she went,” Crawford said. “Her motto was ‘You never know when you have down time when you are out so carry a book with you.’”

That she did, according to Crawford, who said DiDomenico would average two to three books a week.

“If Bonnie went into Wendy’s, she got her tray, sat down, opened the book and …….



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