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Wrapping up another year means wrapping up another Goodreads Reading Challenge! So far, I’m at 57 out of 50 books. The list of books I’ve read this year includes 10 by Jason Reynolds (working on number 11!) and 16 romance novels. That’s what happens when you work through the “Bridgerton” series and discover the genre of genre convention-romance ? I’m still not doing a great job of starting, much less completing, non-fiction books. My list is primarily middlegrade, YA and easy-to-read adult literature. But it’s certainly been an enjoyable year of reading. So I wanted to share some highlights from my list, as well as some favorites we’ve discovered with Joss this year, if you’re looking for some book-gifting inspiration!

Published April 13, 2021; Recommended for ages 8-12 (but adults can enjoy it too!)

I discovered this book at Central Library under their “new releases” table outside the kids area. One reason I picked it up was that I’d recently finished reading “Cemetery Boys” by Aiden Thomas, a 2020 YA book about a transgender Latinx teen who comes from a family of brujos and brujas. Put very simply, Brujas have healing magic, while brujos can help set souls free so they’re not bound to earth, where they will eventually lose the last of their humanity. Yadriel is determined to prove he is a brujo, and the story goes from there. Also recommended – the book’s recommended ages are 13-18, so it’s for an older audience than “Cece.”

Anyway, “Cece Rios and the Desert of Souls” also takes place in a setting with brujos and brujas. So I was interested to read a different perspective on this. In Cece’s village, it’s a crime to become a brujo or bruja. To do so, you have to capture the soul of a criatura – creatures that her village goes to great lengths to keep at bay. But Cece doesn’t think the criaturas are necessarily as dangerous as everyone believes. However, when a criatura captures her sister, Cece determines to rescue her, which means becoming a bruja.

Cece must fight a lot of opposition to do what she believes is right. Plus, all her life she’s been considered “different” and “lesser,” particularly when compared to her older sister. So she finds a lot of courage along the way. And I really loved how her friendships developed with different criaturas.

Published November 16, 2021; Recommended for ages 8-12

This book arrived on our doorstep at TulsaKids. The pandemic meant, among so many other things, hardship for the publication business. But gradually, we’ve begun receiving more advanced copies of upcoming releases. …….

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