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THESE PRECIOUS DAYS: Essays, by Ann Patchett. (Harper/HarperCollins, $26.99.) In this excellent collection, the veteran novelist and bookseller explores her relationships with three father figures, a friendship that blossomed during the pandemic and her decision not to have children, among other topics; her candor is a breath of fresh air. “The days that Patchett refers to are precious indeed, but her writing is anything but,” Alex Witchel writes in her review. “Patchett’s heart, smarts and 40 years of craft create an economy that delivers her perfectly understated stories emotionally whole. Her writing style is most gloriously her own.”

GARBO, by Robert Gottlieb. (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, $40.) A “bewildered, unsophisticated” 19-year-old when she arrived in Hollywood, Gottlieb writes in this richly detailed, scrupulous biography, Greta Garbo rapidly rose to become the most inscrutable of movie stars, even to her friends. “Once Garbo steps in front of the camera, Gottlieb’s book comes gloriously into its own, a tour through a career offered by a shrewd, deeply perceptive docent, brimming with knowledge and insight,” Mark Harris writes in his review. “He brings to his assessments a fan’s appreciation, a connoisseur’s acuity and an amused impatience with the aspects of them that are and always were ridiculous.”

FIVE TUESDAYS IN WINTER, by Lily King. (Grove, $27.) As in her novels, many of the stories in King’s first collection of short fiction are preceded by loss and ignited by desire. Readers are reminded that what we call coming-of-age doesn’t happen in a single moment at 14, but that part of being human is to keep discovering new corners of being. In our time of anxiety and isolation, King writes stories to curl up in. “The pursuit of desire — the hubris and folly of it, its links to our intellect and the tricky synchronicity of brain and heart — is King’s best subject,” Megan O’Grady writes in her review. “King reminds us of the revelations still to be found in plot and character, those elements of fiction that might be called old-fashioned if it weren’t for the fact that she, with her range and emotional precision, never makes them feel so.”

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